Sci-fi thriller Branded uses QR codes to connect with consumers

QR Codes

QR Codes

Codes remain rare in the film industry despite effectiveness as a marketing tool

QR codes are popular marketing tools, but have rarely been used in the film industry. The codes are often considered powerful consumer engagement tools, but many filmmakers have chosen to avoid QR codes due to various reasons. A new sci-fi thriller titled “Branded” has taken QR codes as one of its marketing standards. The film is scheduled to release September 7 this year, but a number of trailers have surfaced which feature large amounts of QR codes. One trailer in particular features nearly 100 unique codes, all of which can be scanned.

Consumers still divided on the usefulness of QR codes

Marketers have shown a great fondness for QR codes recently. The codes have been effective in engaging tech-savvy consumers have a seemingly inseparable connection with their mobile devices. Consumers have been divided on the issue of QR codes, but marketers have been persistent in their efforts to get consumers to scan the codes with their smart phones. In the film industry, QR codes have often been used as a small part of movie posters, a fact that may soon change thanks to Branded.

Branded trailer features 100 unique QR codes

The movie’s latest trailer features almost 100 unique QR codes. All of these codes can be scanned with a smart phone and link to various forms of content that are designed for viral marketing. The film’s distributors plan to include additional QR codes on promotional material before and after the movie is released this year. These codes will link to digital content and the Branded website. Currently, the majority of the content that is linked to the codes serves as a placeholder for the future.

Codes beginning to gain traction in the film industry

QR codes have been gaining momentum in the film industry. The popularity of the codes in this industry is partly tied to the appearance of the codes, which is sometimes considered avant-garde. Consumers are still torn on whether QR codes are useful, however, which has left film marketers unconvinced of the viability of the codes.

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