School QR code launched to promote wellness

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An Idaho school district is using technology to help its wellness campaign to succeed.

Emmett School District Food Service Director Tyree White has spearheaded a school QR code for a wellness campaign. The educator worked with a nurse in the district for the purpose of providing better awareness of what people are eating.

The quick response code campaign was inspired by the contents of White’s husband’s birthday cake.

Last year, White used the Fitness Pal to find out how many calories she had consumed when she had eaten some of her husband’s birthday cake. At the time, she’d been monitoring her calories and had been tracking her steps with a goal of 10,000 per day. What she discovered was that the small slice of chocolate cake contained a staggering 320 calories. Based on the instructions she’d received from her doctor with regards to her caloric and daily step goals, she would have had to walk for an hour at 3.5 miles per hour to burn through that one slice.

The QR code campaign was the result of White’s discussion with a nurse. Together, they agreed that people desperately needed a better understanding of the foods they eat every day.

The Emmett School District is now launching a 5-month long QR code campaign for wellness.

school qr codes educationThe QR Code Wellness Campaign is a challenge for the schools, the parents and even the public throughout the community. The challenge encourages everyone to improve the healthfulness of their choices. The creators are hoping this will help people to develop an improved awareness of healthy eating strategies. In doing so, they may also learn of the importance of regular activity both as individuals and for the community as a whole.

The role the QR code plays is an interactive question-and-answer component. Participants in the campaign scan the codes in order to answer questions. This participation enters them in a monthly draw that will run from January through May 2017. At the end, there will also be a draw for a grand prize.

Among the prizes are a one month adult water aerobics Aquafit pass for the summer of 2017 at the Gem County Recreation District. Another prize includes a $30 gift certificate toward a GCRD student sport pass. Yet another is a free two week access to Kamakazee Kickboxing Gym’s Boot Camp Weight Loss Classes with Mike Masaitis. There is a free nutrition assessment by Kelsey Masatis to be won. Other prizes through the QR code campaign include jump ropes, basketballs and other similar healthy diet and exercise items.

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