Scanning your way to a better education

West Virginia University Library Building

Information is becoming increasingly mobile. To keep up with technology, the West Virginia University Libraries will be using QR codes to help students gain quick access to the resources offered by the libraries. The codes can be scanned with smart phones that have barcode scanning applications. David Roth, a library associate, says the codes are a great way to bridge the gap between digital content and physical media.

When scanned, the codes will resolve to the library’s mobile website. From there, students will be able to check the availability of computers, make reservations for study rooms, and make use of the website’s search engine. The goal is to make the information students could find on the Internet available to smart phone users wherever they may be.

Once the code has been scanned, students may visit the mobile site at any time. The site will be able to be accessed from the mobile device for as long as the code remains in the device’s database.

Roth believes that students will appreciate the new service as they will be able to check the availability of work space before they even enter the library. With mobile devices becoming more commonplace, adapting to technological advances will help keep the library in touch with modern times.

The codes can also be used to promote athletic events and new from around campus. Students can generate their own QR codes online for free and use the library’s printers to print the codes.

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