Scandinavian Airlines releases unique double scan QR code promotion

QRCode Video

Scandinavian Airlines has just launched its latest promotion based on the use of a QR code, which requires two mobile devices to scan the code while they are next to one another in order to obtain the offered deal.

The “2 for 1 offer it takes 2 to see” is based on a QR code that must be scanned by devices that are physically next to one another. The reason for this design is that the airline performed research that discovered that when couples make their trip bookings, they are typically together when they make their decisions. To take advantage of this knowledge, this barcode-based mobile campaign was created.

The campaign involves 100,000 emails that were distributed, each containing two different QR codes which redirect the mobile device user who has scanned them to view different videos. These videos are the left and right hand sides of a split screen.


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Only when the two videos are combined will the offer made by Scandinavian Airlines make any sense. Furthermore, both of the videos must be viewed in order to receive the entire promotional code that is necessary in order to take advantage of the offer being made in the promotion.

The promotion was considered to be very successful, as the airline achieved the sale of every ticket available during the week that the campaign was run. It is safe to assume that similar techniques using QR codes – whether double or otherwise – will be implemented in future campaigns by the airline.

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