Samsung technology news announcement includes new large screen smartphone

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The Galaxy Grand 2 is a larger display has now been added to the brand’s growing lineup.

The latest Samsung technology news includes the unveiling of the Galaxy Grand 2, which is a smartphone with a huge 5.25 inch display with 1,280×720 resolution and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

The device giant chose this new design to give users a better option for conducting certain activities.

For instance, this Samsung technology news gives users the chance to play games, watch movies, and read ebooks with more screen space. Moreover, the feature called “Multi Window “also allows users to be able to take advantage of the larger screen size in order to operate two apps, one next to the other.

samsung technology news galaxy grand 2This Samsung technology news is also accompanied by a dual SIM feature for multiple carrier use.

The device has the opportunity to use two different SIM cards, which will allow the user to be able to switch between two carriers. That said, it supports HSPA+ instead of being 4G LTE compatible. It has a 1.2GHz quad-core processor powering its operations, and has a 2,6000mAh battery that assures its users 17 hours of calling and 10 hours of playback when fully charged. Though the internal storage in the device is a measly 8GB, all it takes is a microSD card to boost that up to as much as 64GB, which is far more workable.

The device manufacturer has given its rear camera an upgrade, as the 8-megapixel feature now offers opportunities such as Best Photo, Best Face, and Continuous Shot. The Galaxy Grand 2 will also provide a range of different apps from the manufacturer, itself, such as S Translator, Story Album, Samsung Hub, S Travel, and Samsung Link.

The Samsung technology news announcement does not come with the very latest version of Android. Instead, the Galaxy Grand 2 is equipped with the previous generation, Android 4.3. The device, itself, is available in black, white, and pink. The manufacturer has also stated that the device will be available only within “selective regions” but at the time of the announcement, the actual markets, pricing, and even the launch date were not revealed.

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