Samsung mobile devices receive NSA approval

Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile devices

A number of the company’s gadgets, such as the Galaxy Note 4 can now have classified info clearance.

This week, Samsung Electronics Co. announced that some of its mobile devices have received the approval of the U.S. National Security Agency, which has stated that these gadgets can be used by government officials that need to use them to transport classified information.

This is very good news for the device maker that has been struggling to keep up its smartphone sales.

This technology news has arrived at a great time for Samsung, which has been diligently working to increase the appeal that its mobile devices have within the enterprise market. It has been attempting to overcome the tech hurdles that it has faced in preparing its Galaxy devices to be used by corporate and government customers that have high level requirements for mobile security performance.

This will place Samsung mobile technology in direct competition with leading rivals such as BlackBerry.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile devicesPreviously, BlackBerry has held a very important spot in markets where top security is needed on smartphones and other mobile computing devices. Now that the NSA has given the nod to certain Samsung products, however, it looks as though the competition will be starting to rise in that area.

The Knox mobile security platform from Samsung gives users the ability to use a type of virtual “container” within their smartphones. This allows them to keep their personal and work apps separate from one another.

Samsung has explained that the NSA gave its approval to the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet for use by its employees. That said, the agency also gave its approval to other devices that had never previously been on the list, as well, such as the Black phone from Boeing.

Back in June, Samsung had announced that five of its mobile devices in the Galaxy line and that had Knox installed within them had received their approval from the United States Defense Information Systems Agency. This step gave the approval for those options for use by its officials.

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