Samsung may be jumping on the mobile gaming phone bandwagon

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Rumor has it that Samsung is preparing a gaming smartphone.

Mobile gaming continues to grow, so it might not come as much of a surprise that Samsung might have a mobile gaming phone in the works.

The “Galaxy X” could be the company’s new smartphone designed for gaming.

Originally predicted to be Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, it may be that the rumored and unofficially announced “Galaxy X” is actually a mobile gaming phone.

The rumors regarding this phone made headlines when a well-known leaker from China, who uses the Twitter handle @MMDDJ tweeted: “Samsung is preparing gaming smartphone,” and “BTW, foldable smartphone isn’t named Galaxy X.”

@MMDDJ has been known to post accurate information about unreleased products in the past, including previously predicting the name change for the Samsung Galaxy A8, previously known as the Galaxy A5, reported TechRadar.

Samsung’s mobile gaming phone could challenge other brands.

If it is indeed true that the South Korean electronics manufacture will be releasing a phone dedicated to mobile gaming, this could create some major competition for other brands with mobile gaming smartphones, including Razer Phone, Asus ROG and Xiaomi Black Shark.

Even Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei has revealed plans to release a gaming-focused smartphone, which is expected to be launched later this year, reported QR Code Press. Needless to say, there is plenty of worthy competition.

It should also be noted that, in addition to @MMDDJ’s tweets, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), claims from its own sources that Samsung would be releasing its first foldable handset next year and that this same handset is also a gaming phone.

“The foldable-screen phone would create an entirely new product category and become Samsung’s third flagship device, alongside its primary Galaxy S and large-size Galaxy Note lineups, several of the people say,” reports the Wall Street Journal, adding, “The initial rollout would be on a smaller scale, targeting specific markets like mobile gamers.”

That being said, in both cases of the Twitter source and WSJ, there is no real insight or details regarding the mobile Mobile Gaming Phone - Samsung Phonegaming phone device, including its specs or what it might look like. Even the name of the device is a mystery. As such, only time will tell if Samsung releases two separate smartphones, one foldable and one designed for games, or one device that does it all.

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