Samsung announces augmented reality application for Olympic Games

Augmented reality-Olympic Games

Augmented reality-Olympic Games

Olympics may be ideal venue for augmented reality

The 2012 Olympic Games will begin this month in the United Kingdom. As per usual, the event is garnering a great deal of international attention as most of the world’s countries will be represented in various sporting events. In the UK, many companies have been working on ways to improve the experience of those that will be visiting the country for the event. Some believe the Olympics will pose a unique opportunity for these companies to expose consumers to new technologies and concepts, such as NFC and mobile commerce. Samsung believes that the Olympic Games are an ideal venue to expose people to augmented reality

Samsung touts social aspects of augmented reality application

Augmented reality has become a popular subject in the world of mobile technology. Augmented reality is capable of providing smart phone users with an interactive digital experience that can enhance the world around them. The technology is begun seeing use in the entertainment and game industry as a way to engage a new generation of consumers. Samsung, however, believes that augmented reality could have various uses in the realm of social networking.

Samsung: Take Part 2012 to allow users to participate in the Olympics

The telecommunications and technology company has launched its official Olympic Games application called Samsung: Take Part 2012. The application utilizes augmented reality to enable users to compete with one another in virtual versions of Olympic sports. The aim of these games is to win the most medals for the country a user is representing. Those using the application can share their performance with friends via social networking platforms.

Augmented reality may bring the Olympics to new life

Augmented reality has become a powerful engagement tool for many companies around the world. Samsung believes that its application will find success among those attending the Olympic Games, as the Games typically instill a sense of competition within the global community.

The Samsung: Take Part 2012 application will only be available for Android mobile devices through the Google Play store.

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