Rumor confirmed: Google acquires Viewdle

Google Mobile Commerce News

Google Mobile Commerce News

Google acquisition of Viewdle finalized

Earlier this week, rumors regarding Google’s acquisition of augmented reality and facial recognition specialist Viewdle began making their way throughout the world. Neither company had been keen to confirm or deny the rumors when they first began appearing, noting that they were simply matters of speculation. It seems, however, that the rumors were indeed true, as Google has announced that the acquisition of Viewdle has been finalized. The company has been incorporated into Google’s Motorola unit, where it will see its technology put to extensive use in the mobile industry.

Viewdle now part of Motorola unit

Motorola is part of Google’s strong presence in the mobile industry. The company has extensive experience in the industry and has produced some of the most well-loved Android devices on the market. With augmented reality and facial recognition playing a bigger role in the lives of consumers, Motorola, and Google as a whole, is beginning to feel the pressure to adopt these technologies or risk being left behind by competitors.

Tech company garners attention for Social Camera app

Viewdle has developed several mobile applications that make use of both augmented reality and facial recognition technology. One of these applications has generated a great deal of interest from Motorola. The application is called Social Camera and allows people to instantly tag their friends in photos that they take for Facebook and other social networks. The application was released in early 2011 and has been used frequently by those that enjoy social networking sites.

Augmented reality and facial recognition have a role to play in Google’s future

The social aspects of augmented reality and facial recognition is part of what is driving Google’s interest in the two technologies. Google believes that these technologies will have a large role to play in the lives of consumers in the future and the company intends to position itself to be able to meet the needs of these consumers. With the acquisition of Viewdle, Google now has access to the company’s promising augmented reality and facial recognition technology.

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