RTB may help the mobile marketing industry grow

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

RTB growing in force amongst advertisers

Real Time Bidding (RTB) has been growing in popularity in the world of advertising over the past several years. The term refers to the practice of purchasing online display advertising in real time, similar to the way items are purchased at auction. Several companies have begun taken an interest in RTB, such as Google, and have begun expanding services that are based on the practice. With mobile technology playing a bigger role in the lives of consumers, RTB is beginning to garner a great deal of attention from digital marketers.

Growth of mobile technology presents ideal opportunity for advertisers

Approximately 6 million mobile subscriptions exist throughout the world today. Consumers are beginning to spend more time on their mobile devices than on their computers, which is presenting a unique opportunity to marketers that are looking to connect with tech-savvy people. Marketers are beginning to recognize this opportunity and have started participating in RTB services in an effort to win advertising space in mobile applications and websites.


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Mobile commerce could provide further expansion of mobile device ownership

With the mobile commerce industry growing quickly, more consumers are getting their hands on mobile devices. As these devices become more available, the potential impact of mobile marketing continues to increase. RTB services are enabling marketers with ways to acquire valuable advertising space in areas that are most likely to be seen by consumers.

RTB may help mobile marketing develop at a faster pace

Mobile marketing is still in its early stages of existence. Traditional marketing continues to be the most popular option, but many advertisers are beginning to adapt to the changing landscape. RTB services provide advertisers direct access to the audience they are targeting. As such, these services may help to spur the entry of more advertisers into the burgeoning mobile marketing industry. Currently, Google, OpenX, and Yahoo! Are the largest operators of advertising exchanges that offer RTB services.

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