Rhombus launches SMS mobile payments service in the US

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Rhombus’ new platform allows users to make payments with a text message

Rhombus, a payments startup, has launched a new platform in the United States that will allow consumers to send payments and donations from any mobile device. Such a platform is not unique, as there are many that have the same type of feature, but the way this platform offers this feature sets it apart from others. The platform supports SMS mobile payments, making it more accessible to consumers, especially those that do not have NFC-enabled mobile devices.

SMS could make mobile commerce more convenient for consumers

Using the platform, consumers can simply text a payment to a merchant or a non-profit organization. Rhombus issues a number to its users, which can be texted, including the description of the transaction as well as the amount to be sent. Such a service is meant to play on the convenience of mobile transactions and making it easier for consumers to make such transactions. The payments made through this service are also free, as long as users have a bank account that supports debit and credit card payments.

Rhombus aims to bring new services to other countries

text typing mobile payments smartphone woman happyRhombus works with all major banks in the United States, making it quite attractive to both consumers and merchants alike. Rhombus is currently working to add support in other countries, looking to keep up with the growing popularity of mobile commerce. Consumers have become very invested in the mobile payments space, both literally and figuratively. The convenient nature of mobile payments is one of the major reasons that people enjoy this concept.

SMS platform may give Rhombus an edge over the competition

Rhombus is competing with numerous other companies in the mobile commerce space. These companies have seen a great deal of promise in the mobile market, where demand for new payment services and platforms has grown significantly over the past few years. Companies like Rhombus may have an edge over the competition, as they allow mobile payments to be made over SMS, which makes the service more attractive to consumers that do not have smartphones or devices equipped with NFC technology.

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