Retailers are unwilling to improve their mobile commerce infrastructure

ebay mobile commerce

Report from eBay shows that many retailers could miss out on opportunities during the holiday season

As the holiday season approaches, retailers may have to put more effort into their mobile websites if they want to take advantage of mobile commerce. eBay has released its Enterprise 2014 Holiday Retail Audit, which highlights some of the problems that retailers are facing when it comes to mobile consumers. The report shows that many retailers are interested in engaging mobile consumers, but few of them will actually make the effort to do so by the 2014 holiday season.

Many retailers do not plan to invest in their mobile infrastructure

According to the report 68% of retailers said that they had no plans to continue investing in their mobile commerce infrastructure through the end of this year. Many retailers see little need to improve their infrastructure, even though many of the mobile websites coming from these retailers offer a poor shopping experience. Consumers shopping from a mobile device often find these sites to be difficult to navigate, while others run into problems when paying for products online.

Older retailers show resistance to the evolution of commerce

ebay mobile commerceE-commerce has long been an important focus for the retail industry, but the mobile world is still somewhat new to retailers, and they have limited experience in engaging consumers that are using smartphones and tablets to shop. Older retailers are having trouble transitioning from traditional commerce to the digital world and some see little need to invest in improving their mobile infrastructure in any significant way.

Mobile commerce proves its power during past holiday seasons

Retailers showing resistance to the digital world could be missing out on a massive opportunity. Over the past few years, the holiday season has proven to be one of the most active times for mobile commerce. Consumers are spending more money through their mobile devices because it is more convenient to do so and many retailers have found significant success by supporting mobile consumers over the holidays. Those that do not take mobile commerce seriously could miss a chance to tap into a significant revenue source.

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