Retail mobile commerce revenue is on the rise

Mobile Commerce Website Optimization

New report from Unbound Commerce shows that mobile websites are having an impact on mobile revenue

Unbound Commerce, a provider of mobile site and payment services, has released a report concerning the revenue growth that its clients have seen during the third quarter of this year. The report shows that the company’s clients have seen a significant increase in mobile commerce revenue. Mobile websites may have contributed to this growth, as these sites have helped retailers better engage mobile consumers and made it easier for these consumers to shop and pay for products.

Mobile revenue for retailers has grown by 101% overall during the third quarter

According to the report, mobile revenue for retailers spiked by 101.77% during the third quarter of this year. The number of unique visitors to mobile websites grew by 39% during this period as well. This suggests that more people are beginning to flock to mobile sites in order to purchase products from their smartphones and tablets. Notably, however, the time that people spent on mobile websites fell by nearly 14% during the third quarter, though page views per session remained virtually unchanged.


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Websites optimized for mobile devices show that they can be a major boon for retailers seeking to participate in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Website Optimization Improved efficiency in the mobile commerce space may be the reason behind its continued growth. In the past, retail sites have been very unaccommodating of mobile consumers. These sites had been slow to load on mobile devices and often offered a frustrating shopping experience for consumers. Retailers are beginning to take mobile consumers more seriously and are beginning to optimize their websites for mobile viewing. This is creating an environment wherein mobile shopping can thrive.

The average order value on mobile sites has increased by 32%

According to the report from Unbound Commerce, the amount of money that people are spending through mobile retail sites is on the rise. Average order value has increased by 32%, reaching $112.08. This has had a significant impact on mobile commerce revenue and has highlighted the benefits that a mobile optimized website can bring to a retailer.

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