Retail industry sets sights on consumers with tablets

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QR code marketing

QR codes and other marketing tools could be effective ways to engage those with tablets

Tablet mobile devices may be new to consumers, the technology has successfully established a foothold with a large number of people. In the U.S. alone, it is expected that over 60 million consumers will own some type of tablet device by the end of the year. The retail industry has taken note of this trend because of the apparently popularity of mobile commerce and the effectiveness of mobile marketing. Retailers have found that engaging consumers with tablets and other mobile devices through email and QR codes has yielded positive results in the past. Now, retailers may be looking to become more aggressive with mobile consumers.

Study shows that consumers are making purchases from the mobile devices

A new study from Forrester Research, a market and technology research company, and, an online community of multichannel retailers, suggests that the retail industry considered mobile consumers to be a primary target for marketing and engagement. According to the report, 49% of retailers throughout the country claim that their order value from tablet mobile devices is higher than that seen through traditional web sales. This presents a unique opportunity for retailers to reach out to consumers, who seem more apt to make purchases from their mobile devices.

Majority of retailers making use of 2D barcodes, such as QR codes, to connect with consumers

The report notes that web searches and email marketing are still the most popular ways for retailers to engage mobile consumers, but suggests that QR codes are beginning to gain traction in the industry. The report indicates that 75% of retailers now attempt to connect with their customers through the use of 2D barcodes, such as QR codes. Some of these companies have adopted QR codes as their primary marketing tool, praising them for their ability to distribute information amongst a large audience efficiently.

QR codes popular with large and small retailers

Forrester Research found that QR codes are, in fact, most popular with small and large retailers – those that make less than $10 million or more than $100 million in sales respectively. Retailers falling in between these demographics favor email marketing strategies, but make use of QR codes as a way to augment their primary engagement tools.

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