Restaurants get their own application to help connect with mobile patrons using QR codes.

QR Code Marketing for Restaurants

QR Code Marketing for Restaurants

Likewise Social Media Solutions, a social marketing and management firm based in Canada, has launched a new QR code application that aims to help restaurants connect with mobile consumers. The application is called QR-IQ and its goal is to make static advertisements and information available to consumers more dynamic. The new application is available to any restaurant that has an interest in using QR codes. The codes generated by the application can be scanned by any barcode scanning application that consumers can get their hands on.

QR codes are becoming more popular in the culinary world. Though the codes are often used for advertising, restaurants have been using the codes to show customers where their food is coming from. This is the same concept that QR-IQ is looking to expand upon. The application allows restaurants to create videos that can show off their daily specials or distribute important information. The app can also be used to schedule these videos so that restaurants can create the videos and leave them to be released at the appropriate time.

Restaurants are beginning to see more patrons with smart phones than ever before. Mobile technology has certainly established itself as a major part of people’s lives. As such, companies making use of mobile marketing are likely to see a great deal of success as mobile consumers are still a group with modest engagement from businesses.

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