Research shows tablet users watch television while shopping online

Mobile Shopping Trends 2011

Mobile Shopping Trends 2011
A study performed in Britain, Germany, and France by Shopzilla, almost 75 percent of mobile device users use dual screen technology in order to browse for products while they stream television programs.

That said, according to the same study performed by the price comparison service, over half of all internet shoppers do so with their friends.

Rachel Smith, who works for Shopzilla, said that while mobile commerce has been predicted for quite some time now, it has finally arrived. She added that “With the explosion of the tablet market we are seeing a seismic change and the opportunity will be for the retailers who are first to get it right.”

Among all British shoppers, 6 percent currently own a tablet that is within the year of its initial launch. Worldwide, more than 25 million have already been sold. It is predicted that by this time next year, one in every five people in the studied countries will likely own a tablet device, and five out of every six will be an iPad.


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This has retailers and other businesses developing their own m-commerce strategies so that they will be ready when it takes off in the United States, where iPads are currently revolutionizing internet shopping.

When asked why they participate in online shopping by way of their mobile devices instead of their personal computers, consumers frequently state that it is equally as simple to do.

Nearly four out of every five tablet device owners consider it to be a gadget that they have in addition to their personal computer and not a replacement for all of their online shopping, said the Shopzilla study.

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