Research shows augmented reality to play a big role in MEMS

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Micro-electro mechanical systems and augmented reality

Juniper Research, a mobile market research and analysis firm, has released a new report concerning the use of augmented reality in micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) sensory devices. These devices are common in electronics and are vital components to gyroscopes, accelerometers, pressure and temperature gauges, and magnetometers. MEMS are types of motion sensors that are quite common in today’s mobile devices. Juniper’s report suggests that augmented reality will begin improving the performance and accuracy of these sensors and help the market grow exponentially within the next few years.

Augmented reality location-based services to produce growth in MEMS market

The report predicts that the MEMS market will experience growth due to the implementation of augmented reality location-based services. These services are becoming more popular as augmented reality technology becomes more advanced. The technology is capable of super imposing digital images on physical environments. These digital images are dynamic and can be anything from simple marketing ploys to complex augmented reality experiences. Juniper believes that the technology’s capability for precision location tracking and image recognition will be beneficial to the MEMS market.


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Revenue generated by MEMS devices to top $6 billion

According to the report, the revenue generated by mobile devices using MEMS will exceed $6 billion by 2016. The market for these sensory devices will experience rampant growth this year as more manufacturers begin to adopt augmented reality systems. Juniper suggests that the cost of MEMS devices will drop as they become more popular and saturate the global market, but is unable to estimate how much these devices will cost at this time. Juniper notes that the price of accelerometers and gyroscopes has already experiences steep drops in prices in the past five years.

Practical uses for augmented reality gaining traction

Augmented reality is beginning to play a large role in numerous industries. The technology is often considered a novelty for its uses in marketing and game development, but practical uses for augmented reality are beginning to attract more attention. Juniper notes that augmented reality location-based services are a prime example of how the technology can be put to use in a practical way.


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