Reports shed some light on the world of QR codes in Japan

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QR codes becoming a popular subject for research

As QR codes become more popular in the world of marketing, they are beginning to draw the attention of market researchers. The marketing industry is in a constant state of flux, with trends coming and going and stability being a rare phenomenon. Because of the increasingly prominent role of mobile marketing in the advertising industry, QR codes have become a subject of great interest amongst researchers. The codes originate from Japan, where they are widely used today, and the country has become a popular place for researchers to investigate QR codes.

Researchers set their sights on QR codes in Japan

Shintaro Okazaki of the Autonomous University of Madrid, along with his colleagues, has published three new reports that investigate the use of QR codes. Titled “QR code in Mobile Promotion: Three Studies in Japan,” the reports aim to shed some light on how QR codes are able to catch the interest of consumers and how they are being used by marketers. All of the reports were conducted in Japan, where QR codes are commonplace and recognizable to nearly all consumers. Okazaki believes Japan to be a promising location for research because of the familiarity the population has with the codes.

Reports highlight the various factors that compel consumers to scan codes

The first report examines the content of 260 QR codes that were used in advertising campaigns. In the second report, researchers analysis the psychological factors involved in scanning QR codes. The third report drew upon information provided by consumers to determine what makes them scan QR codes. The first two reports indicated that loyalty programs were popular uses for the codes and were one of the reasons consumers scanned them. The third report indicates that security concerns are a major deterrent to the adoption of QR codes amongst consumers.

Security issues prove to be a top concern even amongst those most comfortable with QR codes

Security continues to be a big issue for QR codes, even in Japan. Codes linked to malicious content, such as viruses, are becoming more common and are threatening to steal vital information from consumers. Because of the prevalence of these malicious QR codes, many consumers are beginning to avoid the codes, but still show interest in scanning those that they are certain to be legitimate.

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