Report tracks growth of mobile commerce

mobile commerce trends

Consumers are becoming more invested in mobile commerce

Monetate, a market research firm, has released a new report that highlights the growth of e-commerce and mobile shopping. Over the past few years, consumers have been growing more reliant on their mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are being used for just about everything in a consumer’s daily life, including shopping. Mobile commerce has become quite attractive to many consumers as it represents a more convenient way to shop for and purchase products.

Mobile traffic grows

According to the report from Monetate, e-commerce traffic from smartphones and tablet grew by 3% during the last quarter of 2013. Retailers are reporting that mobile consumers are beginning to make their presence known more aggressive than they had in the past. Tablets, in particular, have proven quite popular in terms of mobile commerce. Tablet devices are often seen as easier to use by consumers, leading to a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Tablets pull ahead of smartphones

mobile commerce trendsThe report notes that tablet devices make up two-thirds of all mobile traffic, but both tablets and smartphones are nearly identical when it comes to actual money being spent. On average, consumers spend approximately $130 in mobile transactions. Tablets may be considered an ideal mobile shopping platform, but consumers tend to use their smartphones more often and for a wider range of mobile commerce activities.

Retailers continue to engage mobile audience

Apple’s iPad is the most popular device among mobile shoppers. The device is often lauded for providing a pleasurable shopping experience and making it easier for consumers to navigate online retail stores. Retailers had been working to make their websites more accommodating for mobile viewing, but tablets have minimized these efforts. Tablets offer an experience that is quite similar to what can be found on a traditional PC, meaning that retailers have only had to make modest adjustments to their websites.

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