Report shows three quarters of mobile phone profits belong to Apple

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Though Apple currently holds a share of approximately 9 percent of the worldwide mobile phone, a recent report by Horace Dediu, an analyst from Asymco, has shown that its profits and sales are significantly greater, having taken in 75 percent of all of the mobile industry’s profits in the last quarter of 2011.

The remainder of the profits in Q4 of 2011, according to Asymco, went to Samsung (16 percent), RIM and its BlackBerry (3.7 percent), HTC (3 percent), and Nokia (1.8 percent). All told, the profits received by the mobile industry in that quarter came to approximately $15 billion.

As the iPhone 4S demand remained high, Apple was capable of reclaiming the top position for sales of mobile phones, taking in almost 40 percent of the global revenue for these devices. In second place, was Samsung, with 25 percent, followed by Nokia’s 12.6 percent, and 8 percent for RIM, according to the Asymco calculations.

The smaller players included Sony Ericsson (2.7 percent), Motorola (4.4 percent), and HTC (5.5 percent).


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That said, Apple’s market share has also been on the increase. According to IDC research, the demand for the iPhone 4S has driven the company’s devices upward by two positions so that it is now the third largest mobile phone maker, With Nokia in the top spot, and Samsung close behind.

Apple experienced an increase of almost double its previous position, said ICD’s data, bringing it to 8.7 percent, from its previous position at 4 percent in the last quarter of 2010.

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