Report highlights trends in NFC technology market

NFC technology mobile commerce

NFC technology continues to show signs of growth

IDTechEx, a market research firm, has released a new report concerning the market for NFC technology. The report, titled “Near Field Communication (NFC) 2014-2024,” aims to provide some insight on the trends emerging in the technology space and how these may affect NFC and its uses in the future. The technology is mainly used in the mobile sector to facilitate mobile commerce, but it has other uses in marketing and data sharing that could help it stay relevant well into the future.

200 million NFC devices deployed

According to the report, more than 200 million NFC-enabled mobile devices have been deployed in recent years. Approximately 85% of device manufacturers are including the technology in their products. The growing popularity of these devices is linked to consumer interest in mobile commerce. As demand for new mobile commerce services rise, the demand for NFC-enabled devices also grows. Mobile commerce is not the only thing that NFC is used for, of course, but its other purposes have been receiving little attention in recent years.

NFC technology mobile commerceNFC moves beyond mobile commerce

NFC technology can be used in marketing to provide consumers with access to information concerning certain products in much the same way QR codes can be used. NFC, however, allows for more flexibility when it comes to consumer engagement as the technology can be linked to dynamic data that can make loyalty programs from retailers more engaging. NFC technology is also extending beyond the mobile sector, finding uses in personal accessories, such as rings, as well as computers.

Consumers may not be eager to purchase NFC-enabled devices

While NFC holds a prominent place in mobile commerce, many companies specializing in the mobile commerce field are beginning to move away from the technology. This is due to a need to make mobile commerce more accessible to a wider range of consumers that do not own NFC-enabled devices. While these devices are becoming more common, consumers seem less eager to purchase new devices just to gain access to NFC technology.

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