Report highlights trends affecting mobile commerce

mobile commerce trends

Mobile devices are becoming more abundant, opening the way for a new kind of commerce

Market research organization yStats has released a new report concerning the major trends affecting mobile commerce. The report notes that mobile shopping has become quite popular throughout the world, and this may be largely due to the growing penetration of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more plentiful and readily available to a wide range of consumers. As more people adopt mobile technology, they are looking for things they can do exclusively from their new devices.

Report shows that mobile shopping among tablet users is growing quickly

According to the report, smartphones are currently the leading mobile shopping tool among many consumers. Tablets, however, are gaining more favor among these consumers as these devices are more proficient with mobile browsing. Tablets feature larger screens that are easier for consumers to control. These larger screens also mean better functionality with mobile websites, which has been somewhat lacking among smartphones in the past. The report notes that mobile shopping among tablet users is growing at a faster rate than mobile shopping among smartphone users.

Retailers see rise in mobile traffic thanks to apps

mobile commerce trendsThe report also highlights peculiarities that exist in mobile shopping when it comes to applications and web browsers. The report notes that neither apps nor browsers have a particular lead over one another when it comes to mobile commerce activity, but retailers are reporting significant increases in mobile traffic to their websites. In many cases, this increase in traffic is linked to the adoption of certain mobile applications. Japanese retailer Rakuten reported a major increase in mobile traffic after acquiring a new mobile messaging service.

Social commerce is gaining momentum in Asia

In the Asian market, mobile shopping is growing at an alarming rate. Retailers have begun investing heavily in the mobile space and banks throughout the region are beginning to provide a wide range of mobile commerce services to their customers. Notably, social commerce — shopping for products through social media sites — is one of the fastest growing mobile trends in the Asian market.

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