Report highlights the growth of mobile commerce in Australia

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

More Australians are beginning to embrace mobile commerce and shopping

According to a new report from Roy Morgan Research, the number of people participating in mobile commerce in Australia has grown by 448% over the past three years. There are many factors contributing to this growth, including the growing adoption of smartphones and tablets and the increasing interest that retailers are showing in the mobile field. An estimated six in ten Australians currently own smartphones and many of these people are using their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products online.

Number of mobile shoppers grew by 22% over the past three years

The appeal of mobile commerce has to do with its convenience. Shopping applications allow mobile consumers to shop online wherever they may be. Online shopping is particularly popular among those with long commutes as it allows them to buy what they need without having to take the time to visit a physical store. According to the report, online shopping has doubled over the past three years, with 22% of mobile users shopping online rather than at physical stores.

Mobile banking is beginning to take off among consumers as well

Australia Mobile commerce TrendsPeople are not only using their devices to shop online, of course. They are also beginning to use their devices to manage their money. Mobile banking applications are becoming more common as banks begin to work on engaging consumers more effectively. The report shows that the number of people using their mobile devices for banking has grown by 35%. Australian banks are taking aggressive steps to boost engagement by offering new mobile applications that cater to the needs of mobile consumers.

Tablets may soon overshadow smartphones in terms of mobile sales in Australia

Tablet devices are becoming very popular shopping platforms among consumers as well. These devices are somewhat easier to shop from because of their large screens. While Australian consumers use their smartphones to shop more often, tablet devices are beginning to outpace smartphones in terms of mobile sales. In the coming year, tablets may replace smartphones as the most prominent mobile shopping platform.

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