Remembering a loved one with the help of QR codes

qr codes remembering a loved one

remembering a loved one

A growing number of people are choosing this effective, low cost way to save memories.

Cemeteries across the country are beginning to adopt new affordable but meaningful ways for remembering a loved one.

One of these options is of QR codes printed on tombstones, so that a life story will be available in a single scan.

Though a grave marker can give dates and names, and perhaps even a short phrase, a website, accessible through a barcode, provides the opportunity to give a much more complete impression of who the person really was. One click from a smartphone lets visitors to the grave site see pictures, videos, stories, condolences, and other meaningful content.

In essence, it allows a life to be better represented. This technology for remembering a loved one is very simple and inexpensive, and it can continue to grow and become richer. With the passing of a beloved individual can blossom an ever more complete description of who he or she truly was.

How they looked, what they accomplished, what they believed in, will all be recorded for present and future generations.

The family of the deceased person can create this site alone, or it can be enhanced with the contributions and stories of others who knew the individual. In fact, some of the stories and information on the site can even be created by the person before he or she has passed away. Accounts can be taken, letters can be scanned, and quotes can be added.

This method of remembering a loved one can even provide greater depth of knowledge for the people who believed that they knew the individual best. As stories are shared by a growing number of people, experiences that had never before been known can be revealed.

Though these monuments with QR codes are still by far the minority, they are in ever increasing demand, and are expected to continue in their popularity. Families are recognizing that it is too important an opportunity to pass up, as they can make sure that detailed accounts and memories of their loved ones will always be there for them.


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