Rectenna could lead to affordable NFC technology

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Mobile commerce is sore need of infrastructure

Though NFC technology has come under fire recently due to security concerns, it has managed to retain much of the favor it had garnered in its earlier days amongst many industries. NFC technology is becoming most widely used in mobile commerce, but an infrastructure capable of supporting the widespread adoption of mobile commerce is currently scarce. Building a comprehensive infrastructure of any kind would be a costly venture, so much so that the progress of mobile commerce may be stifled. While the costs associated with the development of an infrastructure may be something beyond control, the cost of NFC technology itself could be reduced to make mobile devices more accessible to consumers and increase the investments coming in to the mobile commerce industry.

Rectenna could lower the price of NFC technology

Researchers from the Sunchon National University and Paru Printed Electronics Research Institute in South Korea have developed a technology called “rectenna.” The rectenna is a combination of an antenna and a rectifier, the device that converts alternating electric currents into direct currents. It is a printed technology, which can be affixed to plastic foils. Researchers note that the rectenna can be produced affordably and in high quantities and could be used as a form of NFC technology. It could also be a source of wireless energy.

Technology enables the wireless transfer of energy

The rectenna is capable of transmitting and processing information to and from smart phones and other NFC-enabled mobile devices. The technology can convert the transmissions coming from a mobile device into an electrical current, which can then be re-broadcast to other mobile devices, allowing them to be charged or make use of the energy in some other fashion. Researchers suggest that the rectenna could unlock vast potential for NFC technology.

Affordable NFC technology may lead to hastened development of mobile commerce infrastructure

Printed electronics may be capable of lowering the cost of NFC technology, thereby making it a more attractive investment for various industries. Affordable NFC technology means that more money can be spent on the establishment of a mobile commerce infrastructure. Once an infrastructure is established, mobile commerce is expected to become more popular to mobile consumers that are keen to make purchases for goods and services using their mobile devices.

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