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by Internet Marketing Genius, Jason Fladlien
by Internet Marketing Genius, Jason Fladlien

QR Code Management
Realtors had taken a strong liking to QR codes even before they became popular in the U.S. Seemingly bewitched by the codes mystique and market synergy, many incorporated QR codes into their marketing efforts without first researching how to use them to their full potential. Thus was born an array of poorly executed and ill-optimized mobile marketing campaigns that prevailed around the country.

These problems did not persist long, however, and realtors have not shunned the codes, looking for better ways to utilize them.

Virtual tour providers were among the first realty focused companies to make such brazen use of QR codes. Several of these companies were quick to offer the emerging mobile technology as part of their service, leading to some technical fallout when the codes did not live up to expectations. VirtualTourCafe, however, has not been quite so rash in their offering of QR code services.

The California-based company bided its time when others began adopting the black and white barcodes. Instead of using them, the company studied them, identifying emerging trends and isolating factors of success. Now, VirtualTourCafe is offering a new service that will help realtors build their mobile marketing campaigns.

VirtualTourCafe is an online real estate marketing service. They are offering QR code services, analytics and marketing materials through a subscription service.

The company has received acclaim for its marketing solutions since its launch last year. As mobile marketing becomes ever more important for realtors, the new QR code services are likely to be popular.

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