Real estate marketers take advantage of quick response codes and mobile apps

Real Estate Mobile Marketing


Real estate brokers are beginning to take advantage of mobile marketing techniques such as quick response codes (QR codes) and apps in order to help them to sell properties. 

As today’s consumers are used to being able to look into their purchases online before they actually fork over their cash – especially in the case of big ticket items – real estate agents and brokers are using this knowledge to better advertise properties and make it easier for potential buyers to find the information they’re looking for. 
For example, some real estate lawn signs now feature a QR code so that anyone passing by can use a QR code app-enabled smartphone to scan the box and view the listing online. This provides the mobile device user with the webpage that contains the description of the property, as well as additional features such as photos, details about the property, and even videos in some cases.


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 Some real estate companies are finding that video is more popular among home buyers than the more traditional image slideshow as it provides a better concept of the flow of the home’s layout, and a more accurate idea of the actual size of the space.  It can also offer the additional sensory input of sound, for example, the sound of the surf on a property that backs onto a beach. 

This has encouraged some real estate agents to provide full virtual tours of a property’s interior and exterior.  Mobile device users can obtain all of this access through the for sale sign’s QR code so that they can decide right there and then if they would like to contact the agent or broker to learn more and visit the property themselves.

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