Rarus Technologies acquires Zngle.com

Social Media and Augmented Reality

Social Media and Augmented Reality

Social media site’s use of augmented reality sparks interest from Rarus

Rarus Technologies, a technology company focused on developing new business models for social media, has announced that it has acquired Zngle.com, a next generation social media website that leverages mobile technology to allow consumers to interact with each other in real time. The site is designed to take social media to a new level through the use of interactive technologies, such as augmented reality. Augmented reality has garnered acclaim in the marketing and entertainment industries because of its ability to provide consumers with dynamic content. Rarus believes that Zngle.com will become a powerful example of how the technology can be used to open up new realms of social media interaction.

Interactive technology could help the site compete with Facebook and Twitter

Zngle.com allows members to enhance the video, voice, and text messages they create with augmented reality. Consumers can experience this content using a smart phone or other mobile device. Though the site utilizes innovative technologies, it has had trouble competing with well-established social giants like Facebook and Twitter. Rarus believes that the site can beat out the competition if it adopts a business model that is as innovative as the technology it uses.


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Rarus to begin commercializing site’s technologies and services

Rarus will begin working on a business model that will commercialize Zngle.com. The site is expected to host a renovated e-commerce feature that will provide users with expanded access to its features and technologies. Rarus Technologies will also work to expand the site’s use of augmented reality and other technologies that will help make the site stand out from amongst its competitors.

Augmented reality and social media becoming intertwined

The combination of augmented reality and social media is beginning to attract more attention as consumers become increasingly enamored with mobile technology. Augmented reality has been identified as a way for companies to provide a new experience to consumers who are connected to the Internet via their mobile devices. Sites like Zngle.com have shown that augmented reality can be an effective way to engage consumers and encourage them to share digital content with one another.

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