Quick response codes central to green initiative by Punjab Agricultural University

Quick response codes - Trees

PAU is adding the barcodes to trees to provide scanners with instant educational information.

The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) in India has announced that it is launching a new program that will use quick response codes on trees to offer people instant information include the age of the tree and the benefits it provides.

This use of the barcodes is a component of the PAU’s broader Green and Clean Campus initiative.

Beyond the quick response codes, the Green and Clean Campus initiative will also restore the rock garden on the grounds, will move forward with planting drives, will improve pathway grooming and will add water facilities at its entry gates. The program was launched last Wednesday and is aimed at building a stronger relationship between students and the benefits of greenspace and tree planting, particularly in heavily urbanized areas.

The initiative was announced by Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, the varsity’s library lawn vice-chancellor. Gosal stated that this strategy would be engaging for the entire PAU community and would encourage environmentally conscious lifestyles. In his speech, he quoted Mahatma Gandhi’s oft-used “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” He underscored that development and sustainable greenspaces can occur simultaneously and neither should be given priority over the other. He called for PAU students to become champions of cleanliness and green living.

Quick response codes - Scanning a code - plant

The quick response codes offer students information about individual plants and the program as a whole.

The university is aiming to continue the growth of the initiative, planting native species, nurturing local bodies of water, enhancing their botanical garden, implementing alternate blooming strategies, conducting tree health assessments and management, planting themed gardens in larger spaces, restoring the rock garden, grooming the pathways, and installing water and washroom facilities at entry gate areas.

At the same time, campus security will be upgraded to avoid abuse and vandalism of the newly implemented and restored green features.

As a university focused on horticulture and agriculture, the Green and Clean Campus initiative and the associated quick response codes appear to be a good fit. This also matches trends being adopted worldwide along with growing urbanization and efforts for decarbonization.

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