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Vacherin has launched a new initiative to keep customers informed.

Caterer from Central London, Vacherin, has announced a new initiative using quick response codes, which will use the technology to make it easier for customers to make healthy eating choices.

The effort began with the launch of the caterer’s Delicious & Nutritious brand.

Vacherin developed this brand in order to meet the needs of consumers for gaining more information about the foods that are being offered. The products that Vacherin will be offering in its new range will each have quick response codes displayed on their packaging, so that consumers will be able to use smartphones to scan them and gain detailed nutritional information.

According to the Vacherin managing director, Mark Philpott, “We’ve watched the meteoric rise of the smartphone and matched this with the increasing numbers of customers that want to be able to make informed decisions about what they are eating.”

Philpott went on to explain that “By giving them a new range of specially developed healthy foods alongside instant access to dietary and nutritional advice, we’re catering for this need.”

The new Delicious and Nutritious range, and their quick response codes, will be available in all sites.

Every one of the caterer’s client sites will be a part of this new launch, which will be sold alongside the existing food products that Vacherin has to offer. The main focus is on dishes that are grab-and-go style. Each of them will display the quick response codes so that the customer can verify the nutritional content of the item.


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After the initial launch, the intention is to broaden the foods in this line and continue to use the barcodes to provide customers with information about what they contain.

The Vacherin director of food, Lloyd Mann, said that the entire brand’s new product line has been developed with the assistance of Gary Baverstock, their resident nutritionist.

Mann explained that the company will be in attendance for each of the different launch events, in order to be able to show consumers how the quick response codes can be scanned, and how they can take advantage of each site’s Nutritious & Delicious iPad, in order to obtain more information and advice.

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