Quick response codes announce Tesla’s upcoming Mexican Supercharger

Tesla Motors quick response codes

A QR code scan was all it took to discover the announcement that the network was expanding to Mexico.

Tesla has just made a massive announcement and it did so by posting massive quick response codes that could be scanned through the use of smartphones with reader apps installed. Its announcement was that its Supercharger network is now on its way to expanding into Mexico.

The QR codes were displayed all along the wall behind each parking space in a parking garage.

When scanned, the quick response codes directed the smartphone users to a tweet that had made some time ago by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. The tweet was from April 3, 2016. It was a response that Musk had left to a question he’d been asked. Another Twitter user asked him whether or not there would be Superchargers coming to Mexico. The response was simply “yes, coming this year.” It was to that response that the QR codes directed.

That said, after the display of the quick response codes on the parking garage wall, the news was officially confirmed.

Tesla Motors quick response codesWhen Tesla was asked whether or not the company had intentions to expand the Supercharger network into Mexico and whether or not the news from the QR code scan could be believed, the response that was provided by a company spokesperson was “Yes, we can confirm that we are planning on having our first Supercharger in Mexico in Cuernavaca City.”

That single confirmation actually represents a far greater statement with regards to the growth of the rapidly growing energy and electric vehicle company. This is the first time the company has officially confirmed that Cuervnavaca City – which is about 50 miles from Mexico City, the country’s capital – will be the home of the very first Supercharger in Mexico from Tesla’s network.

The Supercharger from Tesla has become a central component of the company’s ability to sell electric vehicles to customers who will be unconcerned about their ability to travel over long distances. It currently has 628 Supercharging stations around the world and has a total of 3,738 high-speed chargers that can provide a vehicle with a range of 170 miles within a span of only 30 minutes. The quick response codes on the parking lot wall may have looked simple, but they certainly had a lot to say.

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