QR-IQ announces custom video QR code app for restaurants

QR Code Marketing for Restaurants

QR-IQ has announced the development of a unique app designed for restaurants which allows them to use QR codes to redirect patrons to custom videos that will help showcase the specials for the day.

The app functions by rotating among the videos that feature the unique dinner specials for the day. This can be used as a up-selling tool for beverages and appetizers, as well as desserts, and is especially useful at times when the guests are waiting to be seated or served.

The QR-IQ app allows any restaurant to add the custom video for the featured item of their choice, so that it can be displayed on the appropriate day without any additional effort from the restaurant’s marketers. When used for regular weekly specials, all of the offerings can be uploaded to automatically play for the correct days, whether it’s for a Monday meatloaf special, or a Friday 50 cent buffalo wings night.

These QR codes allow a restaurant to continue to keep their customers busy, entertained, and thinking about what they would like to order while they are waiting to be seated. They can also allow these businesses to bring additional appreciation to their smartphone-using patrons, with special deals and offers, as well as an expression of thanks for their patience.

Restaurant owners can bring value to this time by drawing more attention to the specials and offers they are making, at a moment when customers would otherwise be staring at their watches because there is little else to do.

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