QR codes on Zego bars keep allergic consumers informed

Zego bars qr codes

These quick response codes will help customers to know if the products are safe for them to consume.

Zego has just given a boost to the allergy friendliness of its energy bar products by adding QR codes that consumers can scan to make sure that the product does not include any ingredients to which they are allergic.

The quick response codes are printed onto the product package to provide real time consumer safety data.

The wrappers and boxes for the Zego bars include a system of QR codes that is unique and patent pending. When the barcode has been scanned, it provides the user with the test results that were produced from that specific product batch. This reveals any measurable amount of specific allergens that were detected within that batch of bars.

These QR codes fit well with the brand’s bars, which are made specifically with allergy sufferers in mind.

Zego bars qr codesThe bars, which are based on sunflower seeds, are unique in that they are created in a recipe and an environment that is absent of the eight leading major food allergens. These include (but are not limited to) dairy, soy, nuts, and gluten).

As Zego – like nearly all energy bars – are manufactured in a facility that is shared with other products, there is a risk of some cross contact with allergens. This, despite the fact that exceptional care is taken through strict control procedures that are followed to ensure that those allergens have been eliminated.

Though the standard procedure of the majority of manufacturers is to label their product in order to warn consumers that cross contact could have been possible at the manufacturing facility, Zego has decided to take a more precise route. Instead, they have used QR codes to give consumers the opportunity to see precisely how much of a given potential allergen could be present within a specific batch of bars that are being sold. All they must do is use their smartphones and a QRcode reader and they can scan to be redirected to a web page that contains the information specific to that batch of product.

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