QR codes will soon reach omnipresence

QR Code Analytic Company

QR Code Analytic Company
Quick response codes (QR codes) are not a new technology, but until mobile commerce found its place through the use of smartphones, the use of the barcodes had not been widespread. Now, as smartphones have become extremely common, QR codes are appearing everywhere and marketers are beginning to tap into their true potential.

QR codes provide the user with a highly convenient opportunity to gain further information on a certain topic, or to otherwise interact with a company, brand, or offering. With a simple scan of the code using any mobile phone with a camera and a code reading app, knowledge, information, and opportunity are instantly delivered.

It is for this reason that offerings such as the new TAGO advanced solution have been developed. It provides mobile marketers with the opportunity to create and track different forms of QR codes, in order to obtain real-time, useable analytics that reveal the number of total and unique scans received by a specific QR code, where the scan took place, which trends have become popular, and more.

TAGO also gives flexibility to QR codes, by allowing the marketer to change its function or destination at any time, allowing new information or features to be offered to the users without the necessity for reprinting or changing the codes, themselves.


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In total, there are 16 different forms of QR codes available for creation and maintenance through TAGO. They include the following:

• URL – Directs the user to a web link
• Social media – Allows the user to “like”, tweet, or share.
• WiFi – permits the user to connect to a network automatically
• Feedback – gives the user the opportunity to provide feedback about offerings or the company or brand as a whole

Check it for yourself at www.tagomobile.com

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