QR codes will make BitPay’s wallet smoother with the latest update

mobile payments - QR codes

The user experience has been notably improved in the latest changes to its service.

BitPay, the Bitcoin merchant processing provider based in Georgia, has just announced the latest update to its experience, which includes the use of QR codes as well as a newly designed mobile wallet that has been created to remove the “human error in making a Bitcoin payment.”

This new mobile wallet has been called the Bitcoin Payment Protocol, which is designed for greater accuracy.

The company’s official announcement of the wallet update explained that it would be decreasing the level of friction that is experienced at a point of sale by removing the requirement for consumers to have to copy the amount and the address into their mobile wallet. Instead, users can click to initiate payment or simply scan QR codes at checkout. At that point, they are provided with two different options: to pay or not to pay.

This change in the experience following the scanning of the QR codes is much larger than it sounds.

mobile payments - QR codesWhile this design change may sound minor, the BitPay co-founder and CTO, Stephen Pair, explained that the errors that the update eliminates will notably reduce inefficiencies that would otherwise build up and weigh down the payments network. He stated that “We see common errors that people make. Some people pay too little or too much to a BitPay invoice, so that creates a payment exception that requires a support ticket.”

The payments that are leftover take away from the overall experience of the consumer – making it less appealing to use – but also cause greater challenges in the interactions between BitPay and the mining community.

This most recent update followed closely on the heels of its Bitcore launch. That is its open source project for mobile app development firms and individuals, as the company manages to sign on an ever growing number of merchants. Its current estimates show that it is drawing an additional 1,000 new merchants into its use every week.

The latest update has made the usability of the QR codes much better and smoother through the support of BIP 73for Bitcoin payments. That is an upgrade over the previous BIP 70 protocol. The BIP 73 works to reduce the quick response code density.

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