QR codes used to make smartphone buybacks easy

Maxback QR codes

Maxback QR codes

MaxBack has simplified the process of selling mobile devices using barcodes.

While QR codes have been used primarily in mobile marketing, MaxBack has discovered a whole new way to apply them to mcommerce to add convenience to their process.

Now, consumers can scan the barcodes to help them to earn money for their mobile devices.

The company has established an easy to use, online service for buying back used feature phones, smartphones, and tablets, as well as iPods. It then either recycles or remarkets these devices. In order to find out how much they will receive for their devices, users can head to the website and choose the make and model of the product.

This process is now even easier through the use of QR codes displayed across the country.

MaxBack has installed the QR codes at 3,000 United States Postal Service locations. All the user needs to do is scan the barcode and the specification of the device will be automatically identified. This is possible by examining a user agent string. All of the necessary information to come up with a cash quote is collected, and the user can find out how much he or she would receive for the mobile device.

Alternately, he or she can still visit the MaxBack website on a standard computer or through the mobile website. If the user chooses to scan QR codes, the result will be either the amount of money that the company will pay for the buyback, or simply a statement that it will be willing to recycle it on the user’s behalf. Some older devices can only be recycled and no quote will be provided.

The USPS locations have a deposit box available with the QR codes, so that the user can follow the buyback or recycling procedures right away. This helps to make the process extremely fast and easy for both the user and the company. Quotes can be accepted right away, and the shipping of the device is absolutely free when using USPS services. Once the device is received and inspected by MaxBack, to ensure that it is the precise gadget and in the condition claimed, then payment will be sent immediately.

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