QR codes used to next generation medical bracelet

mhealth qr codes

QR codes are not just marketing tools

QR codes are most often seen in magazines and newspapers as part of advertisements designed to engage mobile consumers. They have been quite effective in this purpose and have managed to become a staple for marketers that operate in the mobile space. One of the reasons QR codes have become so successful in the marketing field is because of their ability to quickly distribute information. This particular quality could prove to be advantageous in the field of health care.

ENDEVR introduced new coded bracelet

As technology continues to advance, it is beginning to play a larger role in the lives of people around the world. ENDEVR, a developer of health and fitness products, has taken note of this and has release MyID, a bracelet that contains a QR code. This bracelet is designed to be a next generation medical bracelet, containing the medical information of its wearer. The code associated with the bracelet can be scanned by a mobile device to access this information so as to provide effective care.

mhealth qr codesMedical profiles can be customized freely

The medical information associated with the QR code is stored as an online profile. The profile is fully customizable, allowing the bracelet’s users to update their medical information as they please. The profiles can display as much information as its owner would like. For instance, some people may decide only to share their age and any significant medical illness they have, while others may choose to list the medications they are taking as well as their health insurance information.

QR codes may continue growing in popularity beyond marketing

QR codes have been used in the health care field before, but the applications of the codes rarely garner much attention. Nonetheless, they have been quite effective in applications involving information distribution. As technology continues to become more important to a wider range of people, QR codes may continue to grow more common in fields beyond advertising.

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