QR codes used for new ticketing service in Taiwan

QR codes in mobile commerce

Citibank and Vieshow launch ticketing service based on QR codes

Citibank Taiwan has partnered with Vieshow Cinemas in order to launch a new ticketing service that leverages the power of QR codes. The codes are quite common in marketing and have been gaining more attention as a mobile commerce tool in recent months. While the codes are often criticized by consumers regarding their appearance, but many people have expressed favor for the content they can access through the codes and the convenience that they bring to ticketing services.

Codes becoming more common in ticketing

QR codes are becoming more common in ticketing services around the world. In Europe and Asia, the codes are often used for public transportation, providing consumers with a way to purchase and display their travel tickets in an efficient manner. The codes have also been seeing some use in the U.S. in sporting events for the same purpose. While QR codes are being used for ticketing purposes more frequently, the codes continue to see the majority of their use in the marketing sector.


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QR codes in mobile commerceApp allows consumers to purchase tickets online

The new ticketing system from Citibank and Vieshow Cinemas can be accessed through the Citi Mobile App. Using the application, a unique QR code is generated when a cinema ticket is purchased online. These codes can be scanned by Vieshow Cinemas’ employees. These digital tickets are meant to replace their printed counterparts for tech-savvy consumers. These QR coded tickets are accepted by 11 of Vieshow’s theaters throughout Taiwan.

Report shows mobile commerce activity in Taiwan is on the rise

A recent report from Google and Ipsos MediaCT suggests that the mobile sale of tickets in Taiwan is on the rise. The report shows that 37% of the country’s smartphone users have purchased a ticket from their devices. These consumers represent approximately 15.6% of all ticket sales in the country currently. Taiwan has become a promising market in the mobile commerce sector and many mobile payments companies have been flocking to the country in recent months.

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