QR codes used to make Rokku Ransomeware ransom payments “easier” to make

QR Codes and mobile Security

The security violation forces users to have to pay $100 in ransom in order to unlock their files.

The Avira antivirus, privacy and identity security company has released a post about a new form of ransomware it has detected, named Rokku, which uses QR codes to allow users of infected devices to pay the $100 demand in order to have their files unlocked.

The quick response codes can be scanned in order to send the scammers the funds for unlocking the device.

A device infected with Rokku encrypts all files, appending each one with the “.rokku” extention. While some device users may be able to blast through the ransomeware encryption key using a brute-force attack, infected users are presented with QR codes and a demand for $100 in order to release the files automatically. The infection comes in the form of a spam email that is riddled with various forms of malware.

The QR codes become available if the email attachments are downloaded and executed, launching the Rokku infection.

QR Codes and mobile SecurityShould that occur, the entire encryption process of the ransomware begins. While it is not impossible for experts to break through it, it uses the RSA-512 crypto algorithm, which is considered to be difficult to break.

The demands that come with the quick response codes are actually made for 0.242 Bitcoins, which is worth around $100. Researchers have managed to be able to crack RSA-512 keys on Amazon EC within a span of about seven hours, but keep in mind that the cost associated with that assistance has been $107. That said, many people would rather pay legitimate experts that price than doll out to someone who has attacked their computer or other digital device.

The Rokku ransomware infection is considered to be the work of a malware developer who knows what s/he is doing. It has likely been created by someone who has quite the expertise within the domain of the distribution of ransomware and who has been experienced in dealing with this form of attack as well as with the types of victims who are targeted. The QR codes are a unique addition to this strategy.

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