QR codes used for unique awareness charity campaign

qr codes charity blankets

qr codes charity blanketsThe barcodes were used to help replicate the experience of being homeless and generate donations.

Fiftyfifty, a German charitable organization that supports the homeless, has started to use QR codes printed on blankets in a unique way in order to help to generate donations to their cause.

The experience included freezing cold cinemas that helped people to experience a touch of what the homeless feel.

The charity ran the campaign using QR codes from December through January in cinemas across Germany. The theaters involved in the experience turned their temperatures down the 42°F (8°C). The experience included a short film that was used to allow homeless people to tell the audiences what the campaign was all about and why it was getting colder in the theaters.

As the temperature dropped, blankets featuring QR codes were distributed to the audience members.

If the audience members used their mobile devices to scan the QR codes located on their blankets, they were redirected to a mobile website which gave them the opportunity to donate money to the fiftyfifty cause. The mobile marketing campaign was called Frozen Cinema.

The theatergoers were not warned in advance that this experience would occur. Instead, the unsuspecting movie audiences found themselves experiencing a short moment of what it would be like to be homeless during the winter. The air conditioning in the cinemas were used to help to rapidly drop the temperatures so that the movie goers could receive a physical reminder linked to what was being discussed on the screen.

As each audience member covered themselves with the blankets with the QR codes, they received the quick and easy opportunity to make a donation to the cause directly from their seats in the theater.

This new campaign using QR codes was employed after the success of a previous mobile marketing effort that was made during 2012, which was called the “Invisible Man”. It made reference to the way that homeless people often feel, as people seem to pass them by and look right through them. These tactics have not only attracted the attention of those who have experienced them directly, but of the media, as well.

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