QR codes used for active learning travel workbook in South Korea

QR codes learning

Breeze & Bridge has announced the creation of a new smartphone and tablet friendly education experience.

Breeze & Bridge Co. Ltd. has just announced the upcoming launch of its active learning travel workbook in South Korea that uses QR codes to enhance the educational experience that will become available this week.

The release of this latest workbook follows three months after another success with the barcodes.

The new product edition will become available on August 23, three months after the first launch of their QR’s Jolly – Gyeongju, which successfully uses QR codes to promote enhanced active learning. This workbook is designed for elementary school students. The previous edition was designed to allow the children to continue learning even during summer vacation.

QR codes learningNow that the new school year is about to start, the company is ready with its new edition and QR codes.

In South Korea, the fifth and sixth grade elementary students – and their teachers – are about to return to a new school year following a summer vacation. This means that class trips are also about to begin, and with the use of QR codes in these guidebooks, students will be able to enjoy a more interactive experience even outside of the classroom. They will be able to turn small trips into lessons that will be fascinating and have a memorable impact.

The Breeze & Bridge company has managed to use QR codes to make these domestic trips more informative, while still remaining fun and interesting. These barcodes give students the ability to obtain a more informational and in depth cultural and ecological environment experience in a highly entertaining way, without detracting from the sense of “being there”.

In fact, the QR codes are designed to help to encourage students to be more engaged in what they are seeing, and to learn more about the areas and sites to which they are traveling. The design of the guidebook is lightweight and has been made with the traveling student in mind. It has a strap to make it more convenient for the children to carry with them while they enjoy their trips to new destinations.

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