QR codes used by produce grower to build connection with shoppers

Tanimura produce QR Codes

Tanimura produce QR CodesTanimura & Antle has chosen to use consumers’ own smartphones to build a better relationship.

In order to provide shoppers with more tips and information about the use of their produce, Tanimura & Antle has launched a program using QR codes in the hopes to build a connection with the people who are buying their products.

These barcodes could be added to produce without adding any extra bulk.

Being able to provide considerable information without adding size or weight was important, as produce is typically weighed in order to determine its price. The QR codes were chosen as the ideal opportunity to accomplish that goal.

The QR codes have been added to the Field Fresh Lettuce line offered by the grower.

These quick response codes will therefore be added to the packaging of red and green leaf, roman lettuce, endive, and escarole varieties of their field fresh lettuces. Even within the grocery store, smartphone users will be able to scan the QR codes in order to learn more information about those items and how they can be used.

According to the director of marketing at Tanimura & Antle, Diana McClean, the technology for QR codes is not anything new, but this use is a unique but growing trend in the produce marketplace.

She stated that “QR codes have been in use for a number of years, but the technology has gotten better. Phone communications are better so scan successes are better. The sophistication of users has also improved.”

When the quick response codes are scanned, they direct the users to a mobile optimized site, which McClean called “not just a website. We wanted to give the consumer specific usable content.” Consumers can view recipes and obtain shopping lists that would allow them to purchase everything they need to make those dishes. They can also use the site to watch videos on YouTube about the way that the produce was grown and the process it underwent in order to arrive on the grocery store shelf. Furthermore, the site offers tips regarding the use of lettuce in a number of different kinds of meals.

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