QR codes used by party hosts to share WiFi details

QR codes frame

Simply framing a smartphone barcode is enough to answer a common guest question.

One of the most commonly asked questions by party guests these days has to do with the password to use a host’s wireless internet, and it can now be answered with the quick scan of QR codes framed on the walls.

This provides convenience for both hosts and for the guests of parties and get-togethers.

Neatly hanging framed QR codes in the main areas of the home, or displaying them in places where guests tend to tuck away to want to check their emails can be a simple and practical way to share the network information for the home. It helps to save a great deal of time and frustration with upper and lower case letters, and where the numbers and special symbols come into play.

QR codes offer instant access to the network password without suffering one miscommunication.

Though this was started by a single person, the trend rapidly caught on over the holidays when many parties were thrown and attended. Whether for Christmas, New Year, or any of the other celebrations that happened throughout the month of December, mobile device users rapidly began picking up on the fact that QR codes could communicate fussy information that is commonly requested, without ever having to shout a single digit or code over the din.QR codes frame

Generating QR codes with this type of useful function is very easy, and, with the right frame, they can even provide a unique decorating piece that can lead to some interesting discussion. Since these barcodes are simply black and white squares, it’s easy to make them suit any décor, simply by choosing an appropriate frame.

The key to making these QR codes effective is to ensure that they are prominently displayed (so that guests will not overlook them), to include a little message that tells them what it is for, or make sure to inform everyone yourself, and to use a clear printout of the barcode so that it will be easy to scan. Try not to place them anywhere that it will be too crowded or where people commonly gather, as this will require too many guests to have to move out of the way as people need to make their scan.

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