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Nestle QR codesNestle launches new initiatives involving QR codes

Nestle, the largest food company in the world, is launching a new initiative involving QR codes. The company has made use of the codes in the past for the sake of mobile marketing, so it is no stranger to the way the codes work. This initiative will expand throughout the company’s prolific product portfolio and is designed to appeal to consumers that are interested in learning more about the Nestle products that they purchase.

Codes used to offer nutritional information

The QR codes that will be associated with Nestle products will be linked to nutrition information concerning that particular product. The codes can be scanned with a smart phone or tablet, allowing this information to be accessed by a wide range of consumers. The initiatives comes on the heels of a similar scheme being enacted by McDonald’s. Offering nutritional information through the use of QR codes is quickly becoming a popular trend in food service and the food business in general.

Nestle tracks the ingredients used to make its products

The information associated with Nestle’s QR codes document the ingredients that go into making a particular product and where these ingredients come from. The codes also offer information concerning the farmers that grow the cocoa that goes into making the company’s chocolate products. Interested consumers can also find data concerning how much water, energy, or other resources that are used in making a certain line of products and how these products can fit into a balanced diet.

Nestle QR codes appear in the UK first

Nestle’s endeavor with QR codes has officially launched in the United Kingdom. Over the next few months, the codes will be introduced to other markets until all of the company’s global products are associated with a QR code of their own. Nestle is not the first to use QR codes in this way and it will not likely be the last, especially as consumers become more concerned about how their favorite products are being made.

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