QR codes used by Google Now for airport check ins

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Google qr codesThe service has taken on Passbook with additional features such as camera search.

Google has announced that it will be moving ahead to develop its Google Now predictive search assistant service by adding additional useful tools which will include the use of QR codes.

The previous development of the service looks as though it could have been loosely based on Apple.

However, the most recent Google Search app update, which has just recently been issued, allows the application to monitor the inbox of the mobile device user’s email in order to identify boarding passes, for which it will automatically generate QR codes. These smartphone barcodes will allow the user to check in as soon as they arrive at a terminal.

This type of service with QR codes is already available in the iOS Passbook from for iPhones and iPads.

Another way in which these assistants with QR codes are very similar is that they are both limited to check ins using boarding passes for United Airlines. Beyond this service, however, Google has also announced that the updates will provide recommendations to users. These will help them to learn more about what they can do in the nearby area, such as movies, museums, and other possibilities.

The Google now update also includes changes to its voice search option, which has drawn very little attention from the media and limited use by smartphone owners. The service will now be capable of hooking into a larger number of applications, such as product searches, music recognition, and Google+.

Additional tweaks have been made here and there throughout the application. For example, the new camera search function allows for a type of Google Goggles style reverse image lookup that functions directly within the app. It also provides cards that will offer notifications of updates to the news. Users may also find that there are other “research topics” from which they can benefit as they tinker around with the latest development of the app.

The new Google Now update with the QR codes features and other changes has been made available for users of devices that operate on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or more recent.

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