QR codes used by American medical board for first time

mhealth qr codes

mhealth qr codesThe licenses for medical professionals, such as doctors, will now features the barcodes.

The latest announcement from the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision – also referred to simply as the “Medical Board” – has revealed that the organization will be using QR codes on all of the licenses that it issues to medical professionals in the state.

This will make Oklahoma the first state in the country to use the barcodes on these documents.

The QR codes will be applied to the official documentation of doctors, physicians, and other licensed medical professionals within the state. These highly familiar black and white barcodes can be found in the bottom right hand corner of every physicians license that is either being newly issued or renewed, from now on.

The QR codes are designed to allow for more rapid check-ins at various different types of location.

Examples of the use of these QR codes include scans by smartphones or tablets in order to allow the medical professional to quickly check in to training courses, hospitals, clinics, and other similar types of location.

The deputy executive director of the Medical Board, Reji Varghese, released a statement that explained additional possible uses of the QR codes in real and practical circumstances, such as when emergency medical personnel are required to create an incident command system at an accident scene or at the location of an emergency.

Varghese said that through the use of the QR codes, those at the scenes “will be able to immediately identify and confirm that the Good Samaritan offering assistance is indeed a licensed medical doctor.” When the codes on the licenses are scanned, it provides the smartphone or tablet user with a direct link to information about the medical professional through a unique page about that individual.

The information is displayed on a page on the Medical Board’s official website. Among the data available through the scan of the QR codes is the education background of the physician, as well as his or her medical specialty, the certification that he or she has received from the board, board status, as well as the hospital privileges, office address and contact information, and insurance participation.

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