QR codes used by Australia Post for video messages

QR Code mail post

This new feature will allow gift senders to link videos to their parcels over the holiday season.

Australia Post is currently encouraging Australians to use their new service based on QR codes to record a video of up to 15 seconds in length and link it to the parcels that they are sending to their loved ones.

These videos can be accessed by the recipient by scanning the barcode with their smartphones.

The QR code is added to the parcel so that the recipient will be able to use their smartphones or tablets in order to view the message from the person who sent them the package. These have been labeled as “video stamps” and were developed by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, a creative agency.

These QR codes services will be promoted through a massive advertising campaign across the country.

The hope is that consumers will be able to quickly and easily learn about the QR codes and how to use them by way of the ads on national television, print, digital, online video, and outdoor campaigns. There is also a website that can be viewed, in addition to apps for both Android and Apple devices

The executive creative director of Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Ant Keogh, was quoted in a press release, which stated that “As an agency we’re excited to provide an innovative, digital solution to a real-world business problem.”

The chief marketing officer of Australia Post, Greg Sutherland, also stated that “This is our busiest time of year and to be able to give people a unique way to deliver their Christmas wishes in person is thrilling for us.”

QR codes were selected because they have become widely recognized and quite popular among marketers. They are commonly seen in advertising and on product packages throughout the country. It provides a rapid link from the physical environment into the digital world and helps to add a new personal touch to traditional parcel mail. This is one of a number of efforts that are being made by Australia Post in order to keep up with the cutting edge of technology and continue to appeal to consumers.

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