QR codes used at South Korean beach to make payments

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach
South Korea’s most popular beach is getting a high-tech upgrade. QR codes are being introduced to Haeundae Beach, but the codes will not be used for advertising. Instead, they will be used as a prepayment system that will allow visitors to purchase access to a myriad of services. QR code use in the mobile commerce realm has been gaining popularity recently as more businesses and organizations seek to leverage the codes for convenience. Beach officials have said that the codes will help visitors enjoy their stay at the beach as they will no longer have to worry about making multiple payments throughout the day.

Mobile commerce is emerging to be one of the most promising industries to date. Powered by mobile technology, the industry is gaining support from a growing number of tech-minded consumers who have their sights set on a future of contactless, electronic transactions. The growth of the industry is spurred by the number of big-name companies investing in mobile payment technologies, such as NFC and QR codes.

QR codes are most often affiliated with advertising, but the codes at Haeundae Beach take advantage of the convenient nature of the codes. When arriving at the beach, visitors can purchase a QR coded wristband. Vendors throughout the beach can scan the code on the wristband to complete transactions. According to beach officials, 25% of visitors are making use of the branded wristbands.

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