QR codes undergo unique new enhancements through Trumpia

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Invisible QR CodesThe multi-channel software provider for marketing solutions has launched all new barcode features.

Leader in web-based multi-channel marketing and messaging solutions, Trumpia, has announced that its offerings now include enhancements to QR codes in order to provide their customers with more flexibility for their mobile marketing campaigns.

Customers will now be able to update and change the content connected to their barcodes.

This allows the same QR codes to be usable by customers over time. For example, if the barcode is meant to provide mobile users with access to information about a promotion, then the marketer can now make sure that scans will always lead to the very latest offers, and not those that have already expired.

The new enhancements to the QR codes also provide automatic barcode generation for each keyword.

Subscribers to the company’s service will be able to choose whether they want to opt-in by scanning the QR codes with their mobile devices, or by using a short code to text a mobile keyword. The goal is to allow the users to considerably build their contact databases through the promotion of a number of different customer opt-in avenues.

According to Trumpia’s CEO, Ken Rhie, said that “QR codes are underutilized by mobile marketers because the opportunities haven’t been fully explored.” He went on to explain his company’s strategy by saying that it caters to the concept that “When utilized creatively and effectively, QR code marketing opens up the door for businesses to develop innovative, never-before-seen marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and ROI.”

The enhanced QR codes are now available to new and existing customers of the service. Upgrades to the flexibility of these barcodes is becoming more common among software and mobile marketing service providers in order to help companies and marketers to use them more effectively.

To date, they have been very popular among brands and they are frequently seen in ads and on product packaging. However, QR codes have yet to become as popular among consumers as they could be. Weak awareness and poor previous experiences are being blamed for this trend, but the industry is still working to turn this around for considerable positive growth.

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