QR codes for tourists will be installed in Sao Paulo, Brazil

tourism qr codes

These quick response codes will be posted on signs and will provide information in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

A recent announcement from São Paulo Turismo in Brazil has revealed that new tourist signs will be installed for pedestrians in the city’s downtown area, featuring QR codes that will help people to locate local attractions and obtain the directions that they require to their intended destinations.

These quick response codes will also provide additional information and facts about each location.

The QR codes on the signs are being installed in time for the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014, which will be bringing a tremendous number of people into the country for a visit. This signs will provide all of their information in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, to help to ensure that the largest number of people will be able to obtain assistance, when compared to providing the information exclusively in the local Portuguese language.

The intention is to install QR codes that will provide directions and information for 72 different attractions.

tourism qr codesThese QRcode barcodes will be available on three different types of signage. The first will be directional arrows that will indicate the right path to arrive at the desired attractions and sights. There will also be informational displays which will provide a board with facts about a site, building, or monument, and that will provide additional context and history regarding that spot. The last type of sign will provide a map that will point out a number of different attractions that tourists might find interesting and that are located nearby.

The quick response codes will be installed gradually, beginning with the Santa Iphigenia cathedral, the City Market, the St. Benedict Monastery, the Santa Iphigenia Viaduct, Pinto Alley, the Sacred Art Museum, Pinacoteca do Estado, Luz Station, the Museum of the Portuguese Language, and Pinacoteca Station, among others.

The signage and QR codes are the result of a partnership between the city of São Paulo and the Ministry of Tourism, with added support from the Municipal Department of Culture and History, the Municipal Council for Environmental Preservation, and the Traffic Engineering Company (CET).

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